The Vision

To win millions to Christ… in the world’s UNREACHED MEGACITIES.

Vision 2021 looks at the world’s 300 largest cities, (from 1.5 to 35 million in population) with two questions in mind.

Is 90% or more of the population unreached?*

Can we reach them NOW?

Our focus is where we can do something TODAY? While there are megacities under political oppression, there are many places that are open to the Gospel now, if only someone would reach out.

The Mission:

More than 2 billion, 30% of the entire world, are essentially cut off from access to the Gospel. Because of culture, religion or language, chances are slim that they will ever hear what Christ has done for them. THEY ARE UNREACHED, and will stay UNREACHED unless something drastic happens.

A few live in remote areas, but the vast majority are in MEGACITIES… like Tokyo, Shanghai, Calcutta and Ho Chi Minh City.

Some megacities are under oppressive regimes, and all we can do is PRAY… BUT most CAN BE REACHED NOW.

The Method:

We partner with existing ministries in each city. Many of these ministries are targeted to church planting, or meeting social needs through relational ministries. Other groups have established significant beachheads for the Gospel in their cities and yet the great majority of the population remains unreached.

In our experience, the effective partnership of these ministries with mass evangelism is alive and thriving!

For over thirty years World Impact Ministries has conducted massive Gospel Campaigns, with more the 15 million salvation decisions, and attendance up to 600,000 people in a single service. Parallel with the Gospel outreaches, Gospel Revolution Seminars are held to train and equip pastors and leaders so that the harvest of souls will be preserved and added to local churches.

Partnership with every group of believers who name Jesus as Lord in that city and building bridges of friendship & respect for all peoples without discrimination helps us do what Jesus has called all believers to do. Bring Jesus to every person.

*“unreached” means that people, due to language, culture or religion, are essentially cut off from access to the Gospel.

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